Meeting place: 43.49 N / 24.38 E, IZBICENI Project

Meeting place: 43.49 N / 24.38 E,  IZBICENI is a multilateral youth exchange project implemented through Youth in Action programme, in the period 1-7 September 2010, in Romania. Hosted in an exotic remote village region – Izbiceni, Romania - with archaic traditions and rich cultural heritage, the project focused on cultural diversity by the means of photographic art, teaching the youngsters to express their own view in a creative way and establish a positive connection with all piers involved.
The Youth Exchenge gathered together seven organisations from seven different EU and programme partner countries, involving 33 youngsters.
For seven days Izbiceni was the heart of the European community spirit, as youngsters from Bulgaria, Estonia, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Italy and Romania discovered together cultural diversity by the means of photographic art. The youngsters were hosted by local families, proving once again the traditional Romanian hospitality.
33 youngsters learned to communicate in a constructive way, supporting each other, experimenting and discovering the difference as well as the uniqueness that resides in each one of us.
Izbiceni revealed its old secrets, traditions, folklore and specificity to its new European friends.
The activities consisted in field trips, interactive photo sessions, photography basic training, non-formal learning activities, thematic parties, intercultural dialogue, traditional dancing.
An itinerary photo exhibition showed the results of the project to the international community, in the seven participating countries.